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Pyramid Movers welcome you to complete the online form to receive a free no obligation moving estimate. Our trained moving and specialists are committed to providing you first rate, and dependable moving options at a competitive price.

Local moves are the most common. A LOCAL move means ANY MOVE up to 100 miles away from your original location.

Local moves have only 3 different charges – THAT’S IT. However, there are additional fees if you are requesting a special move, packing services, and/or storage. Call for more information.

1. By the Hour. (An hourly charge for 2 men, plus one truck.)

2. Double Drive-Time. (This means however much time it takes to drive from your original location to your delivery destination will be multiplied by 2.)

For example: It took the movers 1 hour and a half to drive from San Francisco to Sacramento; so you double that amount. Meaning Pyramid movers will charge for 3 hours. WHY, do we have this charge?  By the rules of moving, a moving company can not charge you mileage or gas/diesel surcharges. They have to include it in the hourly rate with double drive-time. (Note: this only applies to Local moving, Not Long distance.)

3. Packing Materials. (Click here to see prices for packing materials.)

More than 100,000 people move per day, whether it's through a Professional moving company or Doing it yourself, by renting a u-haul- or budget truck. Which of course Pyramid Movers definitely recommend going Budget. We’re not just saying that because we are agents for Budget, but statistically, it is proven that Budget and Penske trucks are safer then U-hauls.

We move over 300 people a month in the Bay Area alone and hundreds more out of state.

Pyramid Movers are here, to take all the stress out of moving, for our customers. We strive to help our customers whether Pyramid Movers ends up being your one stop company or not. We will be here to assist you at any step of your move, and in any way possible.

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